Challenge Copenhagen 2012

Although I have neither recovered nor gotten caught up from the adventure in London at the Olympics, I arrived in Denmark for the 2012 Challenge Copenhagen Triathlon. This is my second year shooting and as I had expected Thomas Olsen and his crew were again extremely well organized and efficient.

Unlike the prior two year’s the weather in Denmark has been uncharacteristically spectacular. It was almost as if the Danes were not quite sure what to do with so much sun!  Bright blue skies, billowy clouds and amazing crowds all along the course.

I spent most of my day out on the 2-lap bike course and 4-lap run course, while my partner in crime Nancy wandered through the crowds to show how much fun everyone was having.  It is truly an amazing venue for the race.

The field of 25 pros started off at 7:00.

Over 2,000 triathletes took to the relatively warm water.

The 1-lap swim course passed under several bridges which gave spectators an unusual opportunity to see their friends.

The top pros were tightly packed at the swim exit.

There was amazing scenery on the bike course, from the Danish coastline to the rolling farmlands.

Here the athletes roll past a huge apple orchard.

The run course is 4 laps through downtown Copenhagen visiting both the harbor areas as well as the ultra-modern sections.

Both the bike and the run courses pass the Queen’s Library, known as the Black Diamond.

A blind runner and her guide pass the Gelfion Fountain.

Aussie Aaron Farlow took the lead on the bike and never looked back!

Dane Camilla Pedersen, although a fall on the run put her race in danger she recovered for the victory.

Now for a bit more work and a bit of touring in this truly wonderful city.
More soon!

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