Time for a Change

Two weeks ago I returned from shooting my 23rd triathlon of the year. In addition, in 2012 I shot 8 days of cycling, 7 running events, and 3 days of ski racing (not even to mention the herding dogs and other stuff).  This adds up to about 75,000 air miles and a few thousand more in the car and on the motorbike.  It has been a great year, getting to know truly amazing people, visit incredible venues and making a couple of cool photos.

Since I returned from Ironman Arizona, I have been spending all day, every day working on a complete overhaul of my website. I was really pleased with my old site when it was created in 2004, but it looks like it was created in 2004!

It think you will be pleased with the results, it is a big project but fun!

In the meantime, here are a couple of shots from Ironman Arizona that you might enjoy.

First a group shot of 2,465 Triathletes starting their day in Tempe Town Lake, look closely, everyone is smiling!

2,465 Triathletes start the 2012 Ironman Arizona

German Ironman rookie, takes home the win!

Nils Frommold, GER wins Ironman Arizona

As a bit of a tease here is a shot from my new website (it will go live within a couple of weeks).

2012 Ironman World Championship
Marino Van Hoenacker on the Queen K highway – 2012 Ironman World Championship.

More soon (likely this afternoon!)

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