‘Tis the Season – To Groove!

Just because I have been devoting most of my time to building my new website, it doesn’t mean that I can’t go out and have some fun!

Yesterday afternoon, I was invited by my good friend Frosty to the Holiday Concert by The New Standards at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul.

In addition to The New Standards members Chan Poling, Steve Roehm and John Munson, there were a long list of guests, including: Lucy Michelle; Jeremy Messersmith; Arne Fogel; Mike Doughty; Aby Wolf; Chris Koza; Matt Wilson; Joesph Scrimshaw; The Cactus Blossoms; and Rupert!

I hope you enjoy these few snaps of their concert as much as I enjoyed being there.


More soon!

The Christmas story as interpreted via cowboy songs!
Jeremy Messersmith, singing Ghost Riders in the Sky
Lucy Michelle
Mike Doughty singing Ring of Fire
John Munson and Steve Roehm
Arne Fogel
Aby Wolf
Frosty the Snowman grooving
John Munson and Santa rocking it.
John and Steve


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