Spirit Of Triathlon Photo Contest – Week 4 Review

I admit it, I am more than a little bit behind on this post.

However, in my spare time I did shoot three Alpine Ski Races and one Nordic race. From the Nordic race, I flew to San Diego to both thaw out and to attend the Third Annual Triathlon Business International Conference.

In my four days of races, I shot, edited approximately 15,000 images. I know it sounds crazy, but you can do this too. Check out my Work Flow Blog Post.

In the Spirit of Triathlon, I am often asked by people outside of the sport why do I shoot triathlon, I think this photo says it all.

6″ of Snow – 25 mph winds and 2 hours on a snowmobile

Here are the full contest details.

Enter your images here and after you enter tweet your photo with the tag #SpiritofTri

Also, I have extended the contest deadline from February 19 to February 21st, so I can do one more review blog!

I am again really pleased with both the number and the quality of the images that have been submitted.  We have received images of challenged athletes, kids, age group athletes, and volunteers. We have also received a number of great shots of pros.

This week I have selected images of 3 pros to discuss. It is always a challenge to get sufficient access to get a good angle for a shot of the pros (as well as any other athlete).

As I mentioned in my initial post of about the contest, it is open to all non-professional photographers. There are hundreds of bloggers doing a great job covering our sport while maintaining a family life, full-time job and training for races! Depending on the blogger, indeed they sometimes can gain better access than some others, but that isn’t necessarily the deciding factor on getting a great shot.

This first shot is of Matt Russell at 2012 IM Arizona and is by Jason Falk. I happened to meet Jason at the event and I know he did not have any special access. I like this shot because of the low angle and although Matt is racing hard, he had time to reach out to a young fan.

Matt Russell at 2012 IM Arizona by Jason Falk

Mirinda Carfrae is one of the toughest athletes I know, having battled herself into a podium spot finishing third at Kona and then collapsing. Since I was sitting on the floor of the finish line that time and also had a shot of Rinny, I know that Charlie Abrahmas must have been in the photo stands behind me.

You can see my shot of Rinny in my Suffer Gallery on my website. My image was also featured in Triathlete Magazine’s Kona coverage.

Mirinda Carfrae at 2012 Kona collapsing at the finish by Charlie Abrahams

The final image for today’s review is of 4-time Olympian Hunter Kemper at the 2012 HyVee 5150 Championship by Terry Van Oort. Hunter ran himself into 2nd place and a great payday.

Hunter Kemper 2nd Place at HyVee – by Terry Van Oort

Keep sending images – one more week until the contest ends!

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