Spirit of Triathlon Photo Contest – Image Review #1

Images are starting to be submitted for the 2nd Annual Spirit of Triathlon Photo Contest and they look GREAT!

From my perspective, one of the benefits of submitting your images in addition to the chance to win some great prizes is the opportunity to have your images critiqued. I hope you will gain some insight as to what will differentiate a good photo from one that will make people stop and take a closer look.

Today I have selected three dramatically different images.

The first image is from Allan Torres who is a physician living in San Juan. I had the chance to meet Alan at the Ironman San Juan 70.3 in 2013. There is a lot to like about Allan’s photo which he titled Fair Competition. First I like the low angle of the shot which really prevents us from seeing an excessive amount of asphalt and treats us to blue skies! Finally and most importantly is the content, the amazing juxtaposition of the challenged athlete with the age group athlete.

As I always say, Every Shot is a Lucky Shot,Ā  but the better you prepare the luckier you get. Here Allan had picked a great angle, great background and then had the patience to wait for a great shot to present itself!

fair competitionThis next image, entitled Focus was submitted by Chris Masilon from California. While Chris’s composition is good and the show of intensity, the problem is that in spite of the title, the focus is not quite sharp enough. With tight images such as this, it is critical that the focus be spot on with a sufficient depth of field that can clearly convey the intensity of the image to the viewer. In Chris’s shot, the logo on the helmet has the sharpest focus, but then it falls off as it gets to the athlete’s face. In all fairness to Chris – this is a really tough shot!

Focus Finally from Aussie Dennis Tan, here is something you don’t see everyday.Ā  I have never been down under, so I am not sure if a Unicorn holding an umbrella to stay out of the heat is normal there, but based on my US and European events, I haven’t seen it. What can I say, this one is just plain fun and the black and white looks great.

Triathlete Vs Unicorn

ENTER HERE and after you enter, tweet your photo with the tag #SpiritOfTri

We have some great prizes – I will be posting the updated prize list shortly.

Cheers and keep shooting.


2 thoughts on “Spirit of Triathlon Photo Contest – Image Review #1

  1. Excited to see this competition up and running again. The first three photos you have chosen are great. Paul, your positive critique on these helps us all to understand and evaluate in the hope of improving our photography skills and photos. Thank you. I look forward to making some submissions soon šŸ˜Š

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