Moscow Nights – On the Road to Sochi

Well one night anyway!

My travels so far, while long have been about a stress free as possible. Arriving in Moscow, they had a special Passport control line for Credential Holders, luggage arrived quickly and I was greeted by a friend of a nephew of a Minneapolis friend. Sorry, I would need a flowchart to provide more explanation.

Traffic in Moscow as they say is Difficult. My hotel is good and close to Red Square. After a bit of a nap, I had time for a bit of a walk about, dinner and then out again for a few happy snaps.

It was a pretty grey day in Moscow, but warm enough -3 C, that for the first time in a couple months I could actually have my gloves off outside.

My first photos reflected the weather, so I went back to the square after dark, when they brought up the artificial lighting!


St. Basil’s

There is daily skating and hockey in Red Square.


Skating in Red Square

Moscow Nights

Kremlin & St. Basil’s

I am off to the airport and on the my Sochi adventure. I am glad I was able to get a good night’s sleep as I prepare to deal with the likely media housing & transit issues.

More soon.


2 thoughts on “Moscow Nights – On the Road to Sochi

  1. Am enjoying reading your blog. Great work! Love seeing all the photos thru your eyes. I am a friend of Mary’s! and hope it’s ok if i follow your blog. I sure enjoy it. Will you get any hockey shots?
    Stay safe!

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