Sochi – Now this is the Winter Olympics

Coming from Minneapolis, where the current windchill is – 12, I was not quite emotionally prepared to walk out of the Sochi Airport and see palm trees! Although it was cooler up at the Mountain Cluster Hotels, right now it is about 45. Not what I call cold, just nice walking around weather.

Yesterday however, I headed up to the Laura Biathlon and Ski Complex where all of the Cross Country and Biathlon events are being held. A short walk from my hotel to the cableway 13 minute ride and then another 7 on a smaller cable car and I am at the Winter Olympics. Snow, Sun and Ski Racing.

Here are a few shots from the Women’s 15 km Skiathlon.  7.5 km Classic, then a quick transition to Skate Skis and Poles and off for another 7.5 km.

Sochi140208 321

Sochi140208 426

Sochi140208 458

Jesse Diggins celebrates her 8th place finish

Cross country events are in the afternoon and Biathlon are in the evening. The Laura Venue is truly spectacular and permanent. Rumor has it that President Putin is a Biathlon fan.

USBA140208 002

Lowell Bialey

USBA140208 013

Tim Burke

2014 Men's Olympic Biathlon

Norway’s Ole Einer Bjoerndalen wins the Gold, his 14th Olympic Medal

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