Sochi – A Day on the Coast!

Getting off of the Media Bus at the Main Media Center was a bit bizarre.  It was 60 degrees and sunny! My system is just not wired for that in February, but I LIKE IT!

My first stop was the Ice Cube Curling Center.  Now in my fourth day of shooting, I am starting to see some of the same photographers that I have seen at other venues. Good guys and really good photographers. Most are really helpful, professionals and easy to work along side of. I am sure the others would be too, if we had any idea what the other one was saying!
I have been having fun with the Brits, Aussies and Canadians, eh!

Please don’t ask me to explain the details of Curling, but I understand there are Stones, you have to get it in the House and the closest to the Button to win a point, but sometimes you can get two points.

What I do know, is that it as intense as any sport out there; and if there was a staring contest, these guys would win hands down.

Sochi140210 0854Sochi140210 0851Sochi140210 0809

After curling, I took a deep breath and headed to the Iceberg Skating Palace, where I saw my friend Paula Kim. Paula had previously been the ITU Photo manager and was now the Venue Photo Manager.

At least I had shot and somewhat understood Short Track Speed Skating, which you can generally describe has high speed mayhem in a small oval, with flashing sharp blades and resemble something from Iron Chef. As you see the thickness of the padding on the sides, it becomes obvious why it is there.

Sochi140210 0926Sochi140210 0955Sochi140210 1117Sochi140210 1140Sochi140210 1175

I made it back to my apartment by 6:30, had a farewell dinner with my buddy Dave who has been here working for 3 months – really great pizza and a beer or 2.

More Biathlon later today.

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