Sochi WARNING – 60 Women with Rifles Spotted at Venue!

Nope, not a security issue, not even close. Last night we had the Women’s 10 km pursuit at the Laura  Biathlon & Ski Complex.

The pursuit race, starts the athletes in the order that they finished the Sprint on Sunday night. Gold Medalist Anastasiya Kuzmina, of Slovakia started first with a 20 second head start, reflecting her winning margin from Sunday. Similarly each of the top 60 finishers from Sunday start in the order they finished with the time gap reflecting their individual times back.

US Biathllete Susan Dunklee started in 14th, 42 seconds behind Kuzmina. Although the 20 second lead on the field seemed huge, there are so many variables in Biathlon it can be gone, well faster than a speeding bullet. And so it was, with Darya Domracheva #9, starting from Belarus starting 32 seconds back took the gold!

The big problem with shooting Biathletes, they can shoot back.

Sochi 140211 1206Sochi 140211 1208Sochi 140211 1268Sochi 140211 1280Sochi 140211 1301Sochi 140211 1340Sochi 140211 1368

Fortunately, unlike the biathletes, if I miss a shot, I do not have to ski a penalty lap.

More soon.


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