Lifetime Fitness Minneapolis Triathlon 2012

The second weekend in July has become a favorite and it certainly isn’t because of the weather.  It can be hot and steamy, like it has been this year or cold and rainy! July in Minnesota is unpredictable.

No matter what the weather, it is the weekend of the Lifetime Fitness Minneapolis Triathlon.  This is the weekend when some of the top pros come to Minneapolis to race on an incredibly scenic and technical course. What a lucky guy I am to be able to shoot a great race, having slept in my own bed and ride my scooter to the start.

It is not often you can have a world-class event take place in the neighborhood. In addition, it was at the 2002 first Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in 2002, that I had my first nationally published photos, the most well known where Barb Lindquist collapsed at the finish in the rain to win the Equalizer and $50,000. You can vaguely see Becky Lavelle in the background, followed closely by Craig Walton.

I have ridden the bike course hundreds of times over the years, and now my morning walk with my dogs is along the bike course.

I also get to see many of my friends that come to Minneapolis for the race and take a few race shots.

In the last 11 years, I have seen the race change from having the biggest cash prize in the country world to becoming part of the Race to the Toyota Cup. What has not changed is the fabulous course and the quality of the field.

Also special to me is that I know the course, every curve, every pot hole, not only have I ridden it, run it, and lived next to it, but there are portions of the course that are shared with the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, Get in Gear 10K and a dozen other events that I have shot over the years.

In 2011, Lifetime Fitness brought back the Equalizer, where women get a head start (10:34 this year) and the first person across the line wins. While in the early years, it was a huge payday, this year it was a $5,000 prime. (Hey, $5,000 is still $5,000!).

Enough said, how about a few happy snaps?

Similar to 2002, the Equalizer was nearly a photo finish. This time Hunter Kemper was just a few seconds behind Sarah Haskins, both having to set course records in the process!

Just as a side note, not only was it a great day of shooting, but I got to try some new gear in a race situation. I will be leaving for London on July 25 and taking with me, along with an assortment of other things, the new Canon 1Dx, Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 300mm f/2.8!

Check out my full race photo gallery for Triathlete Magazine.

Follow (@CompImagePhoto) my adventures over the next month as I head to the Olympics with the USA Triathlon Team and then on to Copenhagen for the Challenge race!