Spirit of Triathlon Photo Contest – Week 3 Review

Three weeks in and three weeks to go in our Spirit of Triathlon Photo Contest and we have had some great entries.

Here are the full contest details.

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Visually one of my favorite parts of any Triathlon is the swim. While it is always a challenge to get a cool shot, but this is the only time of the race when as a group.  Check out my  January 2012 post about swim shots.

This is the only time when there are a large number of athletes together. There is always great energy from the start group, whether it is a beach or in water start.

Debbie Faulkner in the UK submitted this shot she titled swimming into the sunrise. In addition to the wonderful color of the sunrise, you can see the lead kayak and the stroke of the lead swimmer. Sunrise startCharlie Abrahams also submitted a swim start photo from Ironman Lake Placid 2012. Charlie’s shot is a bit further back in the pack and seems more like a washing machine than a race!AG StartGenerally people will tell you not to shoot directly into the sun. I do all of the time, you just have to be careful about your exposure. This sounds like another great blog topic for me to add to the list.

Lee Gruenfeld has submitted a swim exit shot from the Hawaii 70.3 – as if a 70.3 wasn’t a sufficient challenge for most of us. Here is a Challenged athlete coming out of the water and up the beach!

swim exitI look forward to more great images.  Three weeks to go in the contest and I will write another blog next week.

Spirit of Triathlon Photo Contest – Week 2 Review

As I had hoped, but without any certainty a batch of new images were submitted for our Week 2 Review.   The best part is that the images keep getting better and better and my initial fear of not having a set of 20 great images for our Triathlete.com gallery is now gone. The challenge, which is a great thing, is how to select the 20 most meaningful images for inclusion in the gallery AND we still have four weeks to go in the contest.

Here are the full contest details

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At the 2012 Triathlon Business International Conference, Rob Urbach, USA Triathlon CEO, upon completion the multi-media presentation that opened his keynote speech turned to the audience and said ‘I never get tired of looking at Triathlon Photos!

I completely agree with Rob. I love looking at great Triathlon Photos and lucky for me Rob had included a bunch of mine in his presentation.

I love shooting and just seeing great photos, whether they are mine or not.

We are so lucky that we participate in a sport where race directors work to have the best venue and manufacturers are always moving forward to have the most aerodynamic and ascetically pleasing designs, to say nothing about the thousands of triathletes who are pushing themselves through their daily training, just to put on a great show for the rest of us.

Again, the images I selected for review this week are solely based on what I wanted to comment on and have no bearing on the final outcome of the contest or what will be included in the final gallery.

We all know that competing is a family event.  Very few of us could ever be involved without the incredible support and understanding of our family and friends and most would never make to the starting line.

In this first image, we have a Dave Schutz and his son both wearing number 2613 at about the 18 mile mark of the Ironman Cozumel, with dad sitting on the ground and the next generation triathlete offering encouragement, support and love at a very difficult part of Dave’s Ironman.

Mile 18+ at Ironman Cozumel
Mile 18+ at Ironman Cozumel

Photographically, I have always loved the repeating geometric patterns and one of this week’s submissions did not disappoint. Molly Mullane of Wisconsin submitted this really cool run shot from the Ironman Louisville.

Ironman Louisville
Ironman Louisville

Even though this is a very cool shot, it could have been even better! As I have mentioned in prior blogs, I always shoot a series of shots to really try to show the athlete at their best point from a biomechanics standpoint. In this image, the athlete is at the bottom of their stride and although he looks incredibly fit, he looks much heavier than he could have if the photographer has caught them at the top of the stride.

Finally for this week, we have the light at the end of the tunnel, both literally and metaphorically. This image is from the Ironman Hawaii 70.3 and was shot by Lee Gruenfeld.

Ironman Hawaii 70.3
Ironman Hawaii 70.3

Lee is a well-known author who occasionally shoots to supplement his stories. If I could write like that, I wouldn’t have to carry so much equipment.

I look forward to more great images, I will post another blog next week.


Spirit of Triathlon Photo Contest – Week 1 Review

When I first brought up the idea of the Spirit of Triathlon Photo Contest, I received more than a few warnings and cautions from friends and others who are involved. Among other things, these included:

  • You are going to be overwhelmed with entries;
  • No one is going to enter;
  • You are going to a thousand iPhone shots;
  • No one will send in their entries until the final days; and
  • This is going to take a lot of your time.

The Spirit of Triathlon Photo Contest is now into its second week and we have had a couple dozen really great entries. So far, I haven’t been overwhelmed with entries, sometimes an iPhone is all you need, it will be great if we get more entries at the end, and the time I am spending is really worth it!  I hope this contest will in part further engage all of the incredible supporters of our triathletes.

Here are the full contest details

Enter your images here!

My hopes in naming the contest, the Spirit of Triathlon was that the images would have a strong emotional component, which as indeed seem to resonate with those submitting entries.

Here are three of the images that have been submitted. Please keep in mind that selecting images to review in my blog will not have a bearing on the final selection. These are just images that contained elements that I thought it would be useful to discuss.

The first image was submitted by Paul Brandt is a young triathlete that shows every bit as much of pre-race anxiety as any pro at the starting line. I think it is an added interesting element that our young triathlete is wearing a cap from the USAT Nationals, while others in the background are wearing different caps. To me it speaks of what is likely a family of triathletes and great role models.

This next image is from Kona and shot by Nick Morales. With the main group of athletes out of the water and making their way up Pualani and ultimately heading toward Hawi, there is almost an electric energy in the air that is captured by the rider’s smile and his outreached hand to accept the greetings from a friend.

On Pualani - by Nick Morales Every triathlete knows that no event would be possible without the support of friends and family. This photo was submitted by Debbie Faulkner in the UK and is an athlete with her family, in sight of the finish line of the UK’s Outlaw Triathlon.  Clearly a celebratory moment to share!

Family Finish at the Outlaw Triathlon by Debbie Faulkner

I look forward to more great images, I will post another blog next week.