The Blog is Back!

It seems like only yesterday that I finished my last blog entry and sincerely promised “More Soon.”  Well that was January 2, 2010. Although my intentions were good, my effort was lacking.

Since that time there have been some great adventures, a couple trips to London, two visits to Kona, Abu Dhabi, Madrid and Copenhagen. Lots of magazine covers, a bunch of double-page spreads, Sports Illustrated and a Canon Professional Network Editor’s Choice. 2011 started off with the selection of two photos being voted the best and second Best Published Triathlon Photos of 2010, as selected by Triathlon America!

Sometimes however, it takes a slap in the head to get some things back on track. In my case, the slap on the head came from an SUV!  It is with my accident story that I will start the blog again.

To add some context, on July 31 I headed to London to spend a few days in London prior to the ITU World Championship Series Race. Unlike my 2010 trip, this year was all shooting and moving around. I spent just over 24 hours with the US Team at their training camp in Guildford, an hour outside of London.  This will be their home away from home for the 2012 Olympics. During the brief time I was there it was barely enough to have a few conversations and the beginning of some candid shots. As we move into 2012, I will have much more time to spend with the team.

After a day, I returned to London to get ready for the ITU race with served as the first opportunity for athletes from many countries to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. It was a great weekend of racing and a great result for the US Women.

From London I traveled to Copenhagen for the Challenge race the following weekend.  It was the most amazing race venue I have ever experienced! Just imagine shutting down a major portion of a European Capitol city for a race.  There were quaint country sides, ultra modern architecture and an amazing race organization. I had a great driver, Stig,  to shuttled me around the course. At one point while trying to catch the leaders, I asked Stig how fast we were going. After he insisted that I didn’t want to know, he finally relented and told me 160 kph (yup, almost 100 mph). It was a rock solid ride and although I was sitting backwards, I was comfortable and relaxed.

After 16 days of travel, I made it home for a few days of laundry, cleaning equipment, cutting the lawn and cleaning up, I then headed out for the USAT Age Group Nationals in Burlington, Vermont.

Early race morning (Saturday, August 20th), I was walking from the finish line area, to the moto staging area to meet my driver, when I was crossing a blocked off street, in a crosswalk, while wearing a day-glow yellow media vest and a stopped SUV accelerated and hit me!

ImageI spent race morning in the ER! Three broken ribs, concussion, emergency surgery when I returned to Minneapolis and then a post op infection!

Needless to say, it has been an interesting few months since the accident. I am making progress, but much too slow for my tastes. Although it is in my nature to try to maintain my normal pace, it has been a challenge.

Certainly the dumbest thing I have done was a week after getting out of the hospital, I headed to the HyVee 5150 Championship in Des Moines. Fortunately my friend Nick Morales was there at my side to keep me going.

After HyVee, we had the Iron Girl Duathlon, Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, Ironman World Championship, and recently Ironman Arizona.

I am still scrambling to get caught up, but the blog is now a priority as is preparing for the 2012 season.

More to follow, and yes, I promise it will be soon!

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